Golden Light Aragonite
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The Mine

The Aragonite mine, located in a remote corner of Nye County, Nevada, is thought to be the largest deposit of Aragonite in the world. It has been worked since the early 1900's, and still produces some of the finest specimens of the mineral ever found.

Cutting the Aragonite
Muscle Work
An artisan cuts a specimen with a water cooled, diamond tipped chain saw.

Tons of Rock
Tons of Rock
Unique "bubbled" Aragonite stone wait for a craftsman's touch.
Looming Giant
Looming Giant
The A-frame and crane assembly, built in 1961, lifts Aragonite blocks from a 120-foot shaft.

Area around the mine
Oasis of Stone
The workshops and bunkhouse surround the stone yard.
Finish Work
A worker adds a mirror finish to a tabletop.

Line of Aragonite Rocks
The Lineup
Large specimen pieces wait processing.

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